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Here are some recommendations from my existing customers

            Precision Touch Design

Luke Corradine


“I cannot thank Stephen enough for all the care and attention he has put in my Bosendorfer 170. When I first contacted him I had a piano which had become extremely unreliable: the action was all over the place with stiff and unresponsive keys across the keyboard; the tone of the instrument was unpleasantly metallic and a far cry from the glorious tone it had once had. After an initial period when measurements and data was taken, I instructed Stephen to install a Precision Touch system upon his suggestion. It was pretty much a leap of faith on my side and one which I am delighted I have taken. I can proudly say I now have a piano that is perfectly controllable across the whole keyboard, and has a beautiful sound at all dynamic levels, from the loudest forte down to the softest imaginable. This is something I thought I was going to have to give up on, altogether!”

Christopher Cowell

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, skill and expertise in working on my Steinway... Everything you promised is there, lightness and evenness of touch, controllable dynamics including the softest pianissimo and a full softer tone. It is all very much appreciated, I shall now have to work on my playing to do justice to the piano!!"

C. McD.    

The precision touch design has brought out the noble tones inherent in this early twentieth century "golden age" Bechstein: the characteristic velvety bass, the clear, rich tenor and alto, the silky treble. A vast array of tonal qualities and colours can be achieved from the very sweet and gentle to the bright and vigorous. Unevenness of tone quality across the "break" points has been much reduced.

The touch is meticulously calibrated, acheiving a smooth evenness from the heavier key weight of the bass through to the lighter weighting of the treble, leading to the ultimate ease of control by the player. The action is fairly light, key weight being authentically appropriate to the period of manufacture.

Other Services

David Gilmour  

“Steve maintains my Grotrian Steinweg Bosendorferand Bluthner pianos with loving care and attention to detail. The tuning is immaculate and the sound is great”

Sir Neville Marriner (RIP)

"I could not imagine a more professional attendant – both technical and musical – than Stephen. My Bluthner has not only maintained its quality but has changed for the better in his care. I owe its enrichment entirely to his work”

Martin Butler  composer

“Steve is a fine piano technician and I would recommend him to anybody. The University of Sussex uses him to maintain its Steinways, and of course I would not let anybody else loose on my own piano!”

David Owen Norris pianist and broadcaster

“I am happy to endorse Stephen Carroll Turner’s work with the highest praise. He has prepared my piano for recordings on many occasions and it is always flawless. He has recently completed a major refurbishment of my Bosendorfer 225 and his care and attention have been exemplary. Tip-top bloke!”

Graham Fitch pianist, teacher and writer.

"Steve is one of the few technicians I would trust with my piano. He has done an amazing job with the new hammers and I can recommend him and his work 100%"

"I've engaged Stephen in a professional capacity for a number of years and have found him to be extremely experienced, knowledgeable and skilled. I would recommend him to anyone."

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